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Madison County to Receive State Grant to Bring High-Speed Fiber Internet to Homes in Collaboration with Fybercom

Madison County, Idaho –January 4, 2024 – Madison County is set to experience a significant transformation in its technological landscape as the State of Idaho Capital Project Fund has awarded a substantial grant of $13,673,938.79 for the development and implementation of a cutting-edge broadband high-speed fiber-to-the-home project. The initiative, undertaken in collaboration with Fybercom, aims to provide high-speed fiber internet connectivity to households throughout Madison County.  In addition, separate grant match money from Madison County and Fybercom will enable a total project cost of $17.600,208.79. It’s important to note that this project will not affect home owner local taxes. 

This groundbreaking project represents a significant leap forward in the region's digital infrastructure, promising faster and more reliable internet access for residents, local businesses, and communities in Madison County. The infusion of grant money will allow for the rapid and comprehensive installation of fiber-optic networks, enabling a seamless and efficient broadband connection directly to homes.

Fybercom, a leading provider in next-generation internet solutions, is proud to partner with Madison County in this endeavor. The synergy between the county's vision for a digitally connected community and Fybercom's expertise in high-speed fiber technology promises to revolutionize the way residents experience and engage with the internet.

The introduction of fiber-to-the-home technology is anticipated to bring a myriad of benefits, including lightning-fast internet speeds, increased reliability, enhanced connectivity for remote work, improved access to online education, and greater opportunities for local economic growth and innovation.

“The Madison County project was the top-ranking bid in this round of broadband funding,” said Senator Doug Ricks, vice chairman of the Idaho Broadband Advisory Board. Ricks made the motion to award the grant and it passed unanimously among the 9-member board. “More jobs and higher pay, without having to leave the county, will be the biggest benefit!” says Ricks.

"This grant is a game-changer for Madison County. We are thrilled to embark on this crucial partnership with Fybercom, enabling us to expand broadband access and provide our residents with the high-speed internet they deserve," stated Paul Sorensen, Information Technology Manager of Madison County.

“The Idaho Office of Broadband is excited for the opportunities ahead for Madison County.” said Idaho Department of Broadband Program Manager Ramon Hobléy – Sánchez.  “This grant will have a direct impact on this community as it relates to affordable, reliable access to high-speed internet.  I look forward to what Madison County and their partners can accomplish. “The investment in this high-speed fiber infrastructure not only represents a major step forward in technological advancement but also underscores the commitment of the state and private enterprises to bridging the digital divide and fostering inclusive growth and development for the region.

As the project takes shape, the Madison County community eagerly anticipates the positive impact this initiative will have on education, business, healthcare, and overall quality of life.

For more information about the Madison County high-speed fiber-to-the-home project, please contact Fybercom at (208) 403-0505 or email