Veteran Officials

Ron Naegelin & Lana Davis

 Ron Naegelin
Lana Davis

The Idaho Division of Veterans Affairs (IDVA) continues to help our state's veterans and their families to improve the quality of their lives. From helping veterans to file claims for education, medical or other benefits, to assisting them in obtaining earned medals and military awards, IDVA is here to serve you. The wide array of available programs and services are provided by a grateful nation and the State of Idaho.

To help obtain these benefits, the IDVA provides County Veteran Service Officers (CVSO) free-of-charge to assist veterans and their families with applying for benefits.

The Veterans Service Officers Ron Naegelin and Lana Davis, work out of Madison County Courthouse, 159 E. Main Street, Rexburg, Idaho.

Because of the number of daily phone calls, the most efficient way of contacting us is by email:

You can request a Courthouse appointment by email. Leaving your phone number and the last four numbers of your SSN, will allows us to see if you are in the veteran system and give you a call.

With scheduled appointments, please bring your military separation discharge (DD214), any VA letters received, marriage license, and any documents you deem important to your claim.

We can help you file VA claims for:

  • Education Benefits
  • Pension Benefits
  • Service-Connected Disability Compensation Benefits
  • Spouse and Dependent Benefits
  • State VA Benefits
  • VA Health Care Benefits
  • And Much More.

If you have a claim, like to file a claim, or just learn more about veteran benefits, contact us.

As the veteran advocates, we are committed to assisting veterans and their families in obtaining benefits they have earned because of a veteran’s honorable military service.