Government & Politics

Similar to other Idaho counties, an elected three-member county commission heads the county government. Other elected officials include clerk, treasurer, sheriff, assessor, coroner, and prosecutor.

 With a strongly conservative population, Madison County is one of the most staunchly Republican counties in the United States. Since 1968 no Republican presidential candidate has failed to carry the county with less than 57 percent of the vote. In that same period Republican presidential candidates polled more than 90 percent of the county's vote on three occasions, Ronald Reagan in 1984, George W. Bush in 2004, and Mitt Romney in 2012. John McCain came close to this level in 2008, drawing 85 percent of the vote. In 2016, Donald Trump won the county, but performed far worse in it than Republicans typically do: he received just 57% of the vote, while Mitt Romney had received over 93% of the vote four years earlier.
At the state level Madison County is located in Legislative District 34, which currently has an all-Republican delegation in the Idaho Legislature.