Public Hearing

PUBLIC HEARINGWest Side Frontage Road, Madison County


Project Sponsors:   MADISON COUNTY / LHTAC

WelcomeThe hearing objective in this format is to:

  1. Provide the public with the opportunity to learn and understand the intent and impact of the project improvements and to provide the opportunity to give testimony regarding the project.
  2. Help those that are directly or indirectly impacted understand the plan and answer questions.
  3. Learn from public input and make improvements that will benefit the roadway project.
  4. Promote public safety and health in this COVID19 pandemic while continuing to progress with the project.
The digital packet:

We invite you to review the following digital packet to become acquainted with the project and see an in-progress set of plans. In this packet we have included a preliminary plan set which includes the preliminary right-of-way plans. We have also included a set of exhibits that have a photo background which may make it easier to understand, and to facilitate questions and answers. To find a link to the digital plan set, please go to:

Meeting Format:

The meeting will be held in three phases. It is up to you how much you would like to attend. The meeting will proceed as follows.

I. August 3-5; The public is invited to call and visit one-on-one over the phone, or through a scheduled on-line meeting with Kelly Hoopes (208) 860-4321, the consultant project manager. They are invited to ask questions and get clarifications. Notes will be taken, however, no recorded testimony will be documented. Please call during business hours. During the discussion two additional opportunities will be presented to you:
  1. You will be invited to take the opportunity to schedule a meeting with the project leadership team. This meeting will be held by MS TEAMS or through Go-To-Meeting. Whichever is most convenient for you will be used. These meetings will be scheduled for a 10-minute time slot on Aug 6th between 5:00 and 7:00 PM local time. AND/OR:
  2. You will be presented with the opportunity to call and give testimony to a Public Hearing Officer. Kelly will schedule a time slot with you to call and have your testimony recorded. This will be done through a phone call to Dawn Christensen of LHTAC. Kelly will give you a time slot when you will be able to call Dawn on August 10th between 2:30 and 4:30 PM local time. She will record this phone call and document it for the project record. At your appointed time you can call Dawn at (208) 344-0565 to record your testimony.
II. August 6th; The time slots will be filled based on the phone calls received by Kelly Hoopes between August 3-5th. Kelly will set up the format of the meeting at that time with the individual and forward the invitation to the team. Individuals electing to meet with the project leadership team, will meet
on-line with:

  1. Kelly Hoopes – Consultant Project Manager
  2. Muhammad Zubery – LHTAC
  3. Cindy Roberson and/or Reo Jensen – Madison County
  4. Commissioner may be a part of the on-line meeting.
III.August 10th; Those with scheduled time with the Public Hearing Officer can call to have their testimony for the public hearing recorded.